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About Us

Kressmann Coaching is a company for services all about „personal development“. For scientists and technical companies around the globe we help making their research and work awsome through coaching and training!

We believe that every scientist and technical individual has the skills and knowledge to communicate with a global audience.

You just need to find your voice.

Imagine that you want to network with your peers at a scientific conference, or present your company’s latest findings at a major industry meeting. It’s a unique opportunity to introduce yourself to hundreds of people in a single day, and it can take your career in an exciting new direction if you make the most of it.

Many people in technical professions excel in the laboratory, the research center, and on paper.

But how many hours a week do you spend perfecting your verbal skills in front of large audiences?

We all know one or two colleagues who seem born to do it, and effortlessly engage the audience from the moment they start speaking.

But what about if you want to do the same?

Not in 10 years time, but tomorrow.

At Kressmann Coaching we speak the language of the scientific world, which means we’re uniquely placed to provide the targeted 1-to-1 coaching and guidance that you need.

Find Your Voice


Public Speaking


When presenting on stage there is lots to takte care of – besides the pure content of your research.

How to structure the talk to “seduce” the audience? Waht are the secrets of body language for authority and clearness?

Our unique educational packages can be tailored to perfectly suit your needs.

That means whether you want 1-to-1 guidance, a group session, or a comprehensive workshop for the entire team, Kressmann Coaching has it covered.

By showing you how to make every sentence, word, and syllable work for you,

we help you progress in your career by finding your voice:

  • Get focused when researching
  • Overcome writer’s block in your publishing process
  • Set and reach your goals
  • Speak the language of your audience
  • Calmly handle Q&A sessions
  • Give inspiring lectures
  • Feel relaxed in front of an audience
  • Motivate your team
  • Empower your students
  • Find your voice, and progress your career
Getting started couldn’t be easier.
Simply get in touch by clicking the button below, and we’ll help you find your voice.

Flexibility is key to success…

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